Privacy Notice
How to improve your account security
Important: If you suspect that an unauthorized party has already accessed or attempted to access your account, please contact us immediately.
The following tips are proven ways to improve your account security:
1. Set a secure password
* Use a combination of letters or numbers ? e.g. beatlesfan28, with no spaces between
* Use multiple words and numbers without spaces ? e.g. thebestboss84
* Never use single words that can be found in any dictionary ? e.g. manager or bamboo
* Never use personal information others can easily obtain or guess ? e.g. your name, phone number, or birth date
* Never use your email address as the password
* Never use common passwords ? e.g. 123456 or ABCDEF
2. Sign in to account ensures your account information stays current
3. Be cautious when you receive requests for private or sensitive information