Gift Certificates
ASiteOneWorldcoupon is a coupon sent to buyers during promotional events. Once your order reaches a certain minimum amount, you will be able to get and use the coupon. How much coupon you will get depends on the amount of your order.
ASiteOneWorldcoupon Policy:
1. Coupon codes will be generated and distributed.
2. Coupon codes have a face value which will be deducted at the time of redemption.
3. Coupon codes may be used in conjunction with other promotional programs such as free shipping, etc.
4. The face value of coupon will be deducted in the case of refunds.
5. All your usable coupons are shown on the Submit Order page when you check out.
6. If you fail to use a coupon after placing an order, please select the order in Awaiting Payment and choose a coupon to use.
7. Coupon and Seller Coupon can’t be used together.
8. A coupon may be used one time per order.
9. The minimum order amount must be met in order to redeem a coupon code.